Samuel Pepys – City of London (BBBBB)

Samuel Pepys – City of London

48 Upper Thames Street, London EC4V 3PT


Samuel Pepys is located in the basement of a refurbished appartment house, directly by the riverside beside the financial district. The area itself isn´t particularly exiting – in fact after 6 p.m. it´s rather dead-alive around here (I can tell, because I happened to live in the very same appartment house for half a year) BUT that is also what makes Samuel Pepys special: It´s the only possible source for a decent beer and social contact around (Oh please! Don´t tell me your fridge and TV offer you the same!).

Besides the food here is not that bad and you might get a table at the window, allowing a quite nice view of the Thames and the opposite riverfront.

From time to time SP are organising Quiz nights (though for a German like me that can be a quite depressing experience smile).


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