schlaue Fußgängerampel – Altstadt (BBBBB) – geschlossen

schlaue Fußgängerampel – Altstadt

Eiserner Steg, 60311 Frankfurt am Main



Now those are smart traffic lights:

  1. unasked for they explain their function and what one has to do to reach the other side of the street unharmed – or at least with a solid legal position.
  2. The display glows friendly in the dark
  3. besides the display there are blinking LEDs, telling even the last provincial: „I am an important operating control“ (see photo)
  4. capable of two languages (German and English) – and therefore the lights are head-to-head with the tram lines 21,11,16 and 17 at the central station, as well as ca. 14% of the Frankfurt taxi drivers (i.e. ca. 14% understand English – the percentage of German-speaking taxi drivers is higher of course. 60% – maybe even more…)!
  5. Due to the central allocation, here’s always sth going on. Unfortunately there is only standing room, but then again there is first row place available almost always… and the atmosphere is good! The audience is widely spread both socially and across age groups: Here you can meet lawyers, binmen and japanese tourists.
    TIP: One may well come alone – and reservation is no issue!
  6. Sadly though – as almost always – there is also a downside, counting for a 1-star malus: The service!
    The traffic lights are doing their job cool as a cucumber and not the least bit quicker – unmolested by friendly slaps on the „please-touch“-spot and customer requests like „Comeon turn green“ or „Move it! There’s noone far and wide…“

Without any doubt a „primus inter paris“ among the traffic lights. After a tiring shopping tour or after going out, one enjoys crossing the street here! I’ll be back! My Tip!

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